Are Western Governments Discriminating Against Christian Refugees?



The numbers of Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria taken in by the United Kingdom (U.K.) and the United States of America (U.S.A.)(under Obama), are extremely low in comparison to Muslims, despite the fact that Christians are targeted for their religion, and make up 10% of the population in Syria. 1

In the U.K. between September 2015 and June 30, 2016, 51 of 2,592 (2%) of the refugees taken in were Christian. The number dropped to 1%, as only 13 of 1,583 of the refugees taken in from July 2016 to September 2016, were Christian.2

The U.S. announced in September, 2016, that it had accepted 10,801 refugee from Syria in the previous 12 months. But only 56 of these, less than 0.5% were Christians.3 So are Western governments discriminating against Christian refugees?   Yes. Part of the problem is relying on the U.N. for refugee selection. The other issue is an obsession that Western countries have with being politically correct.

Over Reliance on the U.N.

The U.K. government, like many others claims it does not discriminate, but instead outsources refugee selection: “UK aid is provided in line with humanitarian principles, so whoever needs our help the most gets it first, regardless of race, gender or religion . . . with all of our resettlement schemes we work closely with UNHCR to identify cases that they deem most in need of resettlement, according to their established vulnerability criteria.”4

Many countries rely on the U.N. for refugee selection. The problem with getting refugees from U.N. recommendation is that they do not take into account of things such as persecution based on religion, because the U.N. does not look at religion. Under normal circumstances, this would not be an issue, but when it comes to refugees created via religious persecution the U.N. system is deeply flawed.  In addition countries who are independent, are becoming increasingly reliant on the U.N. is a dangerous thing. Surely the U.K., U.S.A, Canada and other nations are perfectly capable of selecting their own refugees?

The U.N. Ignoring Christian Genocide

Despite the fact that there is significant evidence that ISIS is committing similar atrocities, including genocide against Christians in Iraq and Syria, the U.N. has continued to ignore it. By ignoring the genocide of these people, the U.N. is helping it to spread as those who perpetrate these crimes know that they will not be held accountable by the organization.5 Similar crimes have already been perpetrated in Egypt by ISIS supporters, who have threatened to wipe out the country’s Christian minority.6 (Islamic State Threatens, 2017). If allowed to continue this has the potential to spread further, becoming a mass regional genocide.

The Problem of Political Correctness

Many world leaders likely fear being seen as politically incorrect for what by many see as special treatment based on religion, simply because that religion is Christianity. Western leaders seem to have a problem wrapping their heads around the idea that in other places Christians are minorities and are often persecuted for their beliefs.

This can ignorance can be seen in the statements of many Western leaders, including Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. During the 2015 election, when asked if he would prioritize religious minorities facing persecution the leader of Canada’s liberal party said: “Absolutely not.”7

Those who have advocated for prioritizing Christian refugees such as former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper8, and Current president of the U.S. Donald Trump9 often find themselves facing the backlash of the media and other offended parties, who don’t actually understand the situation. The truth is that persecuted Christians and other minorities are more vulnerable, and need the help of the West as they have nowhere else to turn.


Signs of Hope

In spite of this backlash there have been nations and individuals who have answered the call. Hungry has made extraordinary efforts to help persecuted Christians, both by taking them in as refugees and by educating the world on Christian persecution.10 There is also hope in Australia where according to a Christian Post article 78% off the 18,563 from Iraq and Syrian refugees entering the country between July 1, 2015 and January 7, 2017, identified themselves as Christians.11 Though Australia’s aid of Christian refugees has been called immoral by New York Times writer, A. Odysseus Patrick, (it is clear like many members of the media and the general human rights groups they interview, he doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the impact of religion in this situation).

I hope countries like Australia and Hungry will continue to help persecuted Christians. As God knows, very few are.

Want to Help Persecuted Christians? Click here to check out our What You Can Do page.


*Mentions of political leaders do not equal an endorsement*


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