Emails for Lives



Okay let’s face it, it can be difficult to find a mailbox in this country lately. But there is good news, you no longer have to use the limited character contact form to email PM Trudeau about assistance for Christian Refugees and to tell him its time Canada recognize the genocide ISIS is committing against them.

It was announced today that the Liberals are planning on spending $28 million to resettle Yazidi refugees in Canada, which is great as they are a persecuted minority. However our government is still ignoring the plight of Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria, who like the Yazidis are also facing extinction.

So I am asking you to please email PM Trudeau on their behalf, share this blog post with everyone you know and to encourage them to write an email or letter as well.


Contact info for the PM’s office:



Mailing Address

Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2


Together we can make a difference.

When the Church stands together, the world moves.

You can find the first Letters for Lives post here:

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