Get Something for Jesus this Christmas. Donate to Help the Persecuted Church.


I’m fairly young and on a tight budget, but for the past two Christmases, I’ve given a gift to Jesus. Christmas is the day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Jesus of course, is completely unselfish (he died so that all people would have the chance to be saved). Therefore, in order to give a birthday gift to Jesus, it makes sense that you really have to give or do something for someone in need.

I decided two years ago that I wanted to get something for Jesus for his birthday. I decided that I would make a donation to a Christian charity. I chose Christian Children’s Fund.  This year I’m thinking of honouring our saviour by making a donation to help persecuted Christians.

I’m hoping if possible others will do the same, and I have provided a short list of charities below. Some of which have special Christmas projects.

***I can’t believe I forgot to mention that Barnabas Aid (International) has two Christmas appeals this year, one to help Christian children in a number of countries with various needs, and another emergency appeal to help Christians in Aleppo. You can find links to both projects on the main page, currently displayed in the image scroll. Or click on the the links in this paragraph to be taken to the individual appeals. ***

Open Doors (USA)  has no specific Christmas project, but they do have a wide variety of items and services that you can help provide for persecuted Christians on their Gift Catalogue page

Open Doors Canada doesn’t have any special Christmas projects this year, but they do have an option of donating to help provide the basics, such as food for Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria. You can see this and other options here.

Open Doors UK has made a special appeal to assist the Christians of Iraq and Syria this Christmas, and has set up a fund to which you can donate any amount here. In addition, their branch for young people, Open Doors Youth, also has an option that allows you to make a donation as a Christmas gift and give the receiver a certificate. I love this idea and hope that the other branches of Open Doors will adopt it. You can check out this awesome campaign here.

Release International (UK) has launched a Christmas appeal asking for donations to help displaced Iraqi Christians. To get more details or to give, see their page here.

Voice of the Martyrs (USA), has the option of sending care packs for both persecuted Christian children and adults, as well as a fund to displaced Christians in Iraq. For more details, check out their donation page here.

Voice of the Martyrs Australia is sending care packs for Christian children in the Philippines this year. To donate or for more information about the project click here.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada Christmas Blessing 2016. This year the project has decided to visit Syria. You can donate or get more information about the project here.

I wish all my siblings in Christ, a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe new year.

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