Letters for Lives Campaign



Canada’s Liberal government has finally decided to recognize the actions of ISIS against the Yazidis to be genocide, and is now stating it will act with urgency to bring them to Canada. While this is a step in the right direction, they still have not recognized the genocide taking place against Christians, nor offered to take immediate action on giving them refuge.

These people have no country nearby in which they will not face further persecution and discrimination. The religious minorities of Iraq and Syria are facing extinction. Under similar circumstances in WWII, Canada, and many other nations did nothing to help the Jewish people, who were being tortured and murdered by the Nazi’s. If we don’t do something soon, we are facing another genocide of epic proportions.

Therefore I am asking all Canadians, Christian or not, to join the #LettersforLives campaign, and write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. To let him know that you care about Christians being persecuted by ISIS, and that Canada, as a country that values religious freedom and human rights, needs to set an example and take the lead in saving these people.

Tell the government not to be so concerned with what the rest of the world thinks, or what is “politically correct,” because in this case political correctness is preventing us from saving those who are among the most vulnerable.

Tell the government that they shouldn’t be using this or other excuses, such as that Christian refugees tend not to stay in UN refugee camps, to exclude or discriminate against them. The fact is whether the government likes it or not, the most vulnerable among the refugees of Iraq and Syria, includes Christians.

Writing to the Prime Minister is free. It will not cost you any postage. Though he can be contacted by email, I encourage people to write letters as they are more difficult to ignore. Additionally the online email process set up by the government limits you to a specific amount of characters.

You can find his mailing address here.

Need some tips on writing a letter to a politician? Then click here or do some research on Google.


If you are not in Canada, I encourage you to write to the leader(s) in your country or even start your own campaign.


 When the Church stands together, the world moves.

Please share this post about the campaign with as many people as possible.


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